About these virtual machines

All virtual machine are updated every week by an automatic and autonomous industrialization system and every builds are checked by lot of advanced tests. This process allows a guarantee for an constant quality.

To ensure the security and easier handling, all virtual machines are provided with a base of tools. At the first start, you will invited to personalizing some configuration like create your user and push your personal ssh public key.

VM ON Demand

No pre-built virtual machine for your requirements ? Sent me your project, with all your specifications ! I'm available to build one or multiple VMs on lot of opensources technology.

  • VM pool web (hight availability)
  • No SQL databases cluster (Mongo, ES)
  • SQL databases cluster or master/slave (MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Mailing system (posfix with dkim, spf)
  • ...
The price for a basic virtual machine start at 50€.